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2022 santa's castle facts

* This program is for ANY Soldier regardless of rank who can prove financial need. It is not an entitlement program like, "Trees for Troops." 

* Santa's Castle is 100% volunteer run and operates solely on fundraisers and donations from individuals.

* Soldier must be permanently stationed at Fort Benning with proof of financial hardship. (Deployment, single family homes are not qualifying circumstances.)

* DEERS statement verifying eligible children must be attached. (Children not listed on applicants DEERS are not eligible.) Children 0-15 will be considered.

Completed and signed applications and applicants DEERS statement must be delivered to: Santa's Castle, in mail slot at door 7120 Pecom Row Bldg 1710 Fort Benning, GA 31905. (Across from Thrift Shop)

Only completed applications received by NOVEMBER 4, 2022  will be considered

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